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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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minutes. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. it's nice that we have a dry commute adam. >> 46 in arlington, 43 in berkeley springs, west virginia. 44 in warrenton. 42 in la plata. mostly sunny skies throughout the day, high temperatures near 70. a good day to open the windows this afternoon to let the fresh air circulate. tomorrow we anticipate increasing cloud cover and temperatures will be dropping into the low 60's as the easterly flow sets up. we will have grace da -- great skies and rain on saturday. 66 westbound near glebe road has road work. 66 eastbound out of manassas getting into centreville, a little slow traffic developing.
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95 red going southbound from the beltway toward woodbrige and headlights are left moving at a good pace leaving newington up to the pentagon. looks good in maryland. 270 out of urbana intel hyattstown here. now to news. a double shooting inside an alexandria strip mall. one man is dead and another is injured after someone walked into the barber shop wednesday and opened fire. >> the gunman is still on the gun. police know allwho he is. >> we do have breaking details on this. fairfax county police tell us at 11:00 this man responsible for the murder of one of the barber shop employees and shooting another did hang himself. 44-year-old hung nguyen of
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annandale, charged with murder. other charges are pending. overnight fairfax county officers surrounded this home on rolling rd. the shooting happened yesterday around 2:00 at the belle view barber shop in alexandria. >> i never thought this could happen. >> this man works at the shop. he told us that he watched as a former co-worker came in and shot a barber standing next to him and then went to find his second victim. 39-year-old le hoang died, a man known for being a hard worker. >> they are good people. i have talked to all of them over three years. >> an ongoing dispute led to the former employee firing on them.
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special forces police, and helicopters scoured the area, knocking down a local elementary school and shops a mile away. >> cops with assault weapons setting to get back inside and locked the door. >> he was an on-again off-again employee at this barbershop in this shopping center. the most recent employment he had was your couple of months ago. also according to other employees at the barber shop they said yesterday he came into speak with the owner or the manager. he then left and came back in with a gun and began firing. police tell us now they have him in custody. courtney robinson,. abc 7. the house and senate will vote on a bill to keep the government running until the end of september. it contains nearly $40 billion in spending cuts. we will have more on that boat
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and president obama's deficit- reduction plan coming up in a few minutes. major changes at dozens of airports after three more reports of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job. >> the latest happened at an airport in nevada. jummy olabanji is live at reagan national with what authorities are doing to keep passengers safe and workers away. >> it was just about a month ago when an air traffic controller at reagan national was working the overnight shift alone fell asleep. we are hearing incident after incident. the faa says now there must be two working the overnight shift. most recent happened in nevada in reno? when an air traffic controller was working along when he fell asleep. a small medical plane carrying six passengers had to land with no guidance. within the past two weeks both in seattle washington and another place two controllers
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failed to answer radio calls. last month a controller at reagan national fell asleep after his fourth overnight shift in a row. then another controller fell asleep. in the wake of all these incidents, the faa has ordered at least two air traffic controllers must be in the tower over night. this will be at 27 airports across the country where there was only one person working overnight. the faa is reviewing scheduling of all controllers in maryland and at andrews air force base. back to you. >> thank you. the tsa is reviewing its screening policy for lowest risk populations such as young children. this young six-year-old girl was patted down. that happened in new orleans. the parents were so outraged, they posted a video of the
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incident on youtube. new this morning, the metro board committee will discuss service cuts at a meeting today. officials are considering widening gaps between weekend rains. that would leave them more crowded. the committee will look into making minor changes in metro bus routes as well. metro board members have decided to drop the idea of selling station naming rights for now. want more information from the transit authority staff on the impact of selling the names. the board members were reluctant to grant any one a longtime police on a station name. they say it would not probably sell for much in today's economy. we are learning about the spending scandal surrounding university of the district of columbia president allen sessoms. an audit says the university exercised minimal oversight over his business and travel expenses. it says he traveled without developing a budget and seeking
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the proper approval. he has not. commented not. still to come, the capitals go into overtime in game 1 of the playoffs. >> later, budget boredom. was the vice president catching some sleep during the middle of the presidential address? >> first, a break from the rain. adam caskey will tell us how long the sun will
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5:10 on this thursday. there's no rain to speak of. finally sunshine. sunny and comfortable by this afternoon. open the windows this afternoon a few hours for for a share. 46 in the district, 43 in fredericksburg 48 in lexington park. annapolis, 49 at the water. the changes tomorrow and especially saturday. saturday looks like a washout with widespread rain. clear skies today. there's an easterly flow
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tomorrow off the cold waters of the atlantic. that should lower our cloud cover. there will be low, gray clouds for most of the day tomorrow. on saturday there is the rain. starting in the early morning off to our west. late morning locally. off and on for the whole day and into the night on saturday. 70 today with sunshine. in the 40's tonight, cloudy. cloudy tomorrow and cooler, low 60's. let's go to lisa baden. construction crews are still working on 66 westbound. if you are getting ready to leave rosslyn to head through falls church and the eventually toward the beltway near fairfax drive after glebe road. 66 westbound is getting through light volume. 95 getting through just fine in
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virginia and maryland. let's show you the pace of traffic in maryland along 270. looks good southbound at 109. metro rail is reporting normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. 5:12, 47 degrees on this thursday morning. >> the 10-month wait is almost over. what makes apple's next item so special. >> tragedy on the hudson. what led a mother to drive into the river with her child host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: would foghorn leghorn make lya really bad book narrator? foghorn (stammering): it was the best of times, it was the wor - i say worst of times. and by worst i'm talkin' as bad, i say, as bad as my aunt ginny's corn puddin'. that stuff'll sink you like a stone. engineer: ok that was a little... foghorn: you gettin' all this in there son? i just added that last part it's called "adlibbin..." was, i say it was... vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. checking our top stories. a man was arrested and charged in connection with a deadly shooting at an alexandria barbershop. 44-year-old hung nguyen turned himself in last night. he is charged with killing 39-
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year-old le hoang yesterday afternoon. another man was seriously wounded in the shooting. more airports across the country will now have at least two air traffic controllers during the overnight shift. federal aviation officials issued the order after three recent incidents in which controllers solace sleep on the job. authorities say that a new york woman who drove a minivan with four children inside into the hudson river was upset with their father. le hoang'slashandra armstrong's 10-year-old son was the only one to escape the minivan. the house and senate are expected to vote on a budget deal, but the debate over government spending is far from over. brianne carter is live in the studio with a look ahead. >> after weeks of debate and a last-minute deal, today the house and senate will vote on the spending bill that would
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cost almost $40 billion in spending. the house is expected to pass the measure but it's not clear if the senate has the 60 votes needed. lawmakers on both sides say the deal does not do enough to fix the problems. the vote in both chambers will be closely watched. the house will take up paul ryan's 2012 spending bill. it calls for $6 trillion in spending cuts. is is a day after the president put his plan on the table to cut $4 trillion over 12 years. the president wants to keep domestic spending low, cut the pentagon budget, find savings in medicare and medicaid, as well as ending tax cuts for the wealthy. republicans have already blasted the president's plan. later today congressman ryan and speaker john boehner. will discuss. abc 7 news. d.c. mayor and other city leaders will protest
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congressional interference in the district's affairs again today. they will gather at an elementary school in northwest this afternoon to denounce provisions in the federal budget deal including one to extend d.c.'s private school voucher program. arlington national cemetery is owning up to more burial mistakes. some people still being buried in the wrong location and in some cases the names of some family members buried in the same site are not evidence on. the revelations come before the house armed services committee on this issue. a cosmetic change for apple's iphone and an application for traveling abroad. >> the white iphone is almost here after 10-month delay. apple will start selling a white version of the song by the end of the month. it has been delayed by manufacturing problems.
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the new model will be available from at&t and verizon. if you are planning a foreign vacation and you don't speak the language, there is an application. it uses speech recognition and written text to translate back and forth from english and works with more than 50 languages. it is not always get everything right, but it is still a useful tool. >> i would definitely bring google translator. it is free and is pretty useful. haven't somewhat of a knowledge of the language would not hurt. >> it is available for the ipad and a couple other devices. i am rob nelson. time for traffic and weather. >> adam caskey has the latest on a gorgeous thursday and friday. >> it's about time. finally. there's no rain to talk about this morning and no rain until saturday. perfect timing for the weekend.
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if you have outdoor plans on saturday, now's a good time to consider a backup pl a washout the entire day on saturday. let's go to high temperatures today. 45 in falls church. actually temperatures for t gaithersburg, 47 in chevy chase. 41 in la plata. mid 40's pretty much everywhere to start the day. the satellite and radar composites shows a few clouds of to our west. that's in the shenandoah valley and out west. there's no green or yellow. no showers. a storm system is developing in the plains region. the area of low pressure is gaining strength. it will continue to strengthen and track eastward toward us in washington. that will be the weather maker for saturday. saturday it looks like a washout.
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still looks to be widespread rains off and on, over an inch accumulation with downpours and a few thunderstorms by the afternoon on saturday. let's enjoy today with a lot of sunshine near 70 with a libel a westerly winds at 5-10. the average high is 66. ahead of the next system on saturday, we have an easterly flow setting up. the wind will be blowing from the atlantic ocean. water temperatures will lead to increasing clouds, so becoming cloudy tomorrow with low-level clouds and a little cooler, los 60's for the high temperatures tomorrow. saturday showers off and on, thunderstorms, downpours all day. sunday clearing, temperatures rising to the upper 60's, the chance to dry out and salvage the sunshine by sunday. warming up next week. how is the commute? pretty good.
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66 westbound still doing overnight construction on the way out of ballston and rosslyn to get into falls church, you'll find one lane closed and light volume of traffic is helping. eastbound 66 is good from manassas into vienna. there's a little volume there. a couple of pictures now first, 395 north at the beltway @ edsall road moving at speed. in maryland, in pretty good shape on the beltway near andrews air force base. i love this camera. this is maryland cheverly, 50 at 202, looks good in and out of the district. 47 degrees. >> coming up it could mean big business for area nail salons. the nail biting highlights from last night in hockey just ahead. >> today on "oprah,"her first ever laugh out loud awards, on
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abc 7.
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>> the wizards closed out their season on the road with cleveland last night. the wizards lost once again. three wins away from the verizon center. they lost>> chicago ones up with the
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best record in the league. >> game 1 of the nhl playoffs. >> the capitals game last night looked a lot like last year's montreal series. they ran into a wall early with long quest. he had 22 saves in regulation. john urskin was beaten at the board. less than seven minutes left in the third alexander semin is blocked, but alex ovechkin is there to get it in. the game is tied at 1. under two minutes to go in overtime jason finds alexander semin who deals kids away.
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>> this will encourage the rangers that they came into our building and played as shot for shot. >> game 2 will be at the horizon center at 7:30 tomorrow night. that's a look in your morning sports. have a great day. 5:26, 47 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> baseball's home-run king is a convicted felon now. what is next for barry bonds. >> and other air traffic controller falls asleep on the job, putting passenger safety at risk. what the faa is doing to try to stop it from happening again. >> finally a morning without rain. in the temperatures and the sunshine. and a storm on the weekend.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead breaking news. a suspect arrested after a deadly double shooting at a local shopping center. good morning, washington. it is thursday, april 14. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. good morning. more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden is standing by, but we want to start with adam caskey to hear about the sunny weather. >> bright sunshine. 24 of the past 44 days have contained rainfall. over 5.5 inches at reagan national. we will get more on saturday. until then, the skies today with increasing clouds tomorrow.
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46 in the district, 41 in fredericksburg 39 in martinsburg, 45 in gaithersburg. the average high is 66. we will reach a little above that. lows 60's tomorrow and cloudy. rain on saturday. we will talk about 66. leaving the roosevelt bridge westbound heading to the falls church metro, there is construction along the way near fairfax drive. light volume still helping us there. 95/virginia northbound, and growing. a little volume growing in stafford. and in dumphries. moving nicely in springfield. a little delay eastbound on 66 developing in manassas, in centreville, and at 50. no problems in maryland on the beltway and in and out of
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baltimore. metro rail is on normal service. breaking news. police arrest a suspect accused in a deadly attack at a local shopping center. >> one man died and another was wounded in the attack at a barbershop on belle view boulevard in alexandria. courtney robinson is at the scene with late-breaking developments. >> fairfax county police tell us that 44-year-old hung nguyen turned himself in and around 11:00 last night. he is charged with murder. we understand that he lives in annandale and whethwowrkedrked for some time at this barbershop. some tell us he worked there on and off. fairfax police continued their investigation and impounded a white minivan on rolling road in alexandria. around 2:00 yesterday afternoon
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nguyen came into the shop and shot two employees multiple times. one died and the other is expected to survive. other employees tell us was in a dispute with a couple other employees. -- nguyen was in a dispute with a couple other employees. he left and came back with a gun yesterday. police say the lone gunman is in custody, charged with murder. as for the other victims in the shooting, we understand charges against nguyen are pending. live in alexandria, courtney robinson. are other big story another air traffic controller asleep at the switch. >> new fears over safety in the skies. latest incident happened at an airport in nevada. faa is taking a hard look at what is happening inside air traffic control towers.
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jummy olabanji is live at reagan national with the latest. >> good morning. the faa says at least two air traffic controllers now have to be in the tower at the same time if they are working the overnight shift. this is after another air traffic controller fell asleep on the job putting passenger safety at risk. the most recent incident happened in reno, nevada. the air traffic controller was working alone in the tower. when he tower. the small medical plane carrying six passengers was forced to land on its own. >> we will need to land. >> roger. >> last month the controller at reagan national airport fell asleep after his fourth overnight shift in a row. then in tennessee a controller decided to take a nap and made a bed out of pillows so that he could be more comfortable. >> this is ridiculous. as secretary of transportation, this will not stand.
5:34 am
>> travelers say they are surprised that more was not in place sooner. >> that would be one area where they would have some type of redundancy for some kind of plan b. >> a second air traffic controller will be added to 27 air traffic control centers across the country. at reagan national and in maryland at andrews air force base. jummy olabanji, abc 7. a new report finds metro's oldest railcars will not be replaced until 2016. process the 1000 series is safe. cars make up a quarter of the fleet. it became of the aging infrastructure in 2009 when collided with a parked train at west falls church will yard. employees were hurt in that accident and cars were damaged. a metro board committee will look into possible service cuts
5:35 am
at its meeting this morning. officials are considering widening the gap between weekend rains. that would leave them more crowded. the committee will also discuss making minor changes in metro bus routes. the house and senate are set to vote today on a budget agreement reached late last week. the legislation will keep the government running for the best of the 2011 fiscal year. it also contains $38 billion in spending cuts. the current stopgap spending bill expires at midnight on friday. that vote comes as president obama outlined his plan to reduce the national debt. the president says his plan will cut the debt by $4 trillion over 12 years. it cut its domestic and defense spending savings for medicare and medicaid, and bans the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. republicans say it does not go far enough. a local mayor is caught up in the foreclosure crisis. the brentwood mayor xzavier montgomery-wright was kicked out of her home yesterday in prince
5:36 am
george's county. her belongings or piled on the front lawn. her landlord said that she owes him more than $7,000. she is not commenting on the claims. the capitals' quest for the stan lee playoff cup started last night. >> the game was tied at 1 at the end of regulation and then alexander semin had this shot. prexy scores!. >> it sent the fans all happy with a sizzling game winner. a perfect pass from jason arnott. the capitals win. the next game is friday. a lot of fans will be watching. >> a way to get things started > 47 degrees. >> still ahead, saving money by building green. your energy-efficient
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appliances can cut your tax bill. >> look at this period was its a cat nap caught on camera or maybe he is crunching the numbers. with his eyes closed. jill biden could not keep his eyes open during a speech. >> [ male announcer ] diane was already the chief operating officer at a national tissue bank when she decided to get her masters in healthcare administration. by choosing a university that connects working students to faculty who are also leaders in their fields... she was able to apply her studies to the real world... and help more people muchr.uickern ♪ ♪ my name is diane wilson i deliver the best gifts on earth and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the college of nursing at
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i am noreen from the national institutes of health clinical center in bethesda, maryland america's research hospital. we would like to say -- >> good morning, washington. it's 5:40. i was going over information in the belfort furniture weather center. of the past six days, all of them were mostly cloudy. five of those six days had at least a trace of rain. we have had our fair share of gray skies and rain fall. we are off to sunshine now. we deserve this today. then the clouds and showers return over the next few days. we are in low 40's, 46 at reagan national airport 47 in arlington. 45 in frederick 44 in leesburg 41 in la plata, 43 in huntingtown. sunshine near 70 this afternoon. partly cloudy tonight.
5:41 am
increasing clouds tomorrow. los 60's. easterly flow tomorrow. i anticipated race skies for the majority of the day. the maritime influence will increase the cloud cover. then by saturday we will have showers and storms in the region. now to lisa baden for the commute. traffic influenced by the weather and today is dry, so that will take a little off the travel times. now that construction is gone on 66 westbound out of rosslyn things are open in all lanes and we are in pretty good shape inside the beltway in both directions. no accidents on 66, 395, and it looks good on 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway. a quiet drive on accokeek and into southeast d.c. no problems on 270.
5:42 am
moving at speed in clarksburg. now to news. 5:41, 47 degrees outside. >> coming up, a hollywood star's mental health. white catherine zeta jones checked into a rehab clinic -- why. >> baseball's home run king convicted of obstructing [music playing]
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america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you.
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welcome back. checking our top stories, a man wanted for opening fire at an alexandria barbershop is in custody. fairfax county police say that 44-year-old hung nguyen turned himself in last night. he is charged with killing 39- year-old le hoang yesterday afternoon. another man was seriously wounded in that shooting. more than two dozen airports around the country will now have at least two air traffic
5:46 am
controllers during the overnight shift. this order comes after three incidents in which air traffic controllers fell asleep on the job. slugger barry bonds is now a convicted felon. a federal jury in california convicted him yesterday of obstruction of justice. the jurors could not reach a verdict on three counts of lying to a grand jury when he denied using steroids. did you make changes in your house last year to reduce your energy bill? it will pay off this tax season. now, what you need to know. >> not all improvements are eligible for tax break. if you remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you may not be able to write that off. however, if you invested in appliances or fixtures to make your house greener, you may be eligible for tax credit. it could give you back 30% of what you spend. some of those upgrades include
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sky lights, outside doors insulated windows, high efficiency furnaces, water heaters, and central air conditioning units. if they were installed in your primary residence in 2010, you can take up to $1500 off your taxes. these credits are a dollar per dollar reduction in taxes up to the maximum. you can save on improvements and on your energy bills. abc news. a quick reminder, the taxpayers get an extra three days to file their federal returns, thanks to a district holiday. tomorrow is and disciplin -- tomorrow is emancipation day. a florida man is accused of raping two girls in silver spring in the late 1970's. chamblin was arrested last week. when he was a teenager and lived in silver spring he repeatedly raped two sisters ages 5 and 7
5:48 am
at the time. it did in his neighborhood. he is now 48 and is free on bond. a house fire that badly injured four d.c. firefighters is raising concerns about the district's policy acing fire trucks. -- aging firetrucks. the one that responded to was 3 miles from the fire and was several years old. gay-rights advocates are calling on the virginia board of social services to approve new regulations that would allow gay couples to adopt children. this comes after the attorney general told the board it does not have the legal authority to permit adoptions by same-sex couples. time for traffic and a weather. >> good news. >> it is the 14th day this month. nine of the day is so far have been cloudy with rain. >> i would have thought even
5:49 am
more. >> i was like, brabham rain jacket -- grab the rain jackets. >> today is our day. let's start with temperatures. 46 right now in the district, 39 in manassas and martinsburg 43 in frederick 48 in lexington park. not much cloud cover this morning. you will want the sunglasses when you drive to work and for the evening drive. there's a little cloud cover dissipating over the mountains and the shenandoah valley right now. there's nothing on the radar screen. that will change on saturday. saturday still looks wet all day. there's an area of low pressure developing around the great plains. that will continue to strengthen and tracked to the northeast and north of washington. that will put us in the zone of heavy rainfall throughout the day on saturday.
5:50 am
let's look at the futurecast. this points in the direction of where the wind is blowing. the wind is coming. let's put this into motion. going into tomorrow the wind shifts out of the east. coming from the cool waters of the atlantic ocean. we will have the maritime influence tomorrow. i anticipate an increase in clouds rather quickly through the morning and midday. mostly gray skies tomorrow. iran will hold off until saturday. early morning rain in the west and then late morning rain for the rest of us. highs near 70 degrees today, a constable. open the windows and let the fresh air circulate this afternoon. -- comfortable. lows 60's tomorrow and cloudy. rain off and on pretty much all day saturday with a few thunderstorms and downpours. over an inch throughout the day
5:51 am
on saturday. but big improvement on sunday with sunshine, highs in the a robber 60's. -- upper 60's. happy about 66, 95, 395. that's good on the wilson bridge and american legion bridge. no problems in and out of baltimore. metro rail on normal service. construction is gone and 66 looks good at glebe road. the 14th street bridge, looks great. in maryland, no troubles on the beltway near holy cross hospital. back to you. >> thank you. 5:51. comcast is launching a new service for internet users in the d.c. area. >> the fda is looking to regulate certain smartphone applications. now to blumberg headquarters in
5:52 am
new york. good morning. >> good morning. there's an app for that. now it's under the microscope. fda plans to issue guidelines this year for multiple devices used as medical devices. some of them can be used to monitor blood sugar. less than a dozen of them actually have fda clearance. the defense department will begin a comprehensive review to find $400 billion in spending cuts. defense stocks sank in yesterday's markets on this news. shipbuilding and spending on the lockheed martin f.-35 fighter jets will be most affected. the ipad is usedyou can download a
5:53 am
tv show in 20 seconds instead of seven minutes if you are using the old standard internet connection. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 47 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington" on thursday.
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catherine zeta-jones is heading back to work after a brief stay in a mental health facility. actress was seeking treatment for bipolar disorder. the stress of your husband's cancer diagnosis and treatment prompted the actress to seek help. bipolar disorder is characterized by mood swings and is commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy. >> i wish her the best. a stressful time for that family. all the talk about the federal budget, look at this video. it can put some people to sleep. that might be what happened with vice-president joe biden. the video shows him closing his eyes for about a half minutes during obama's remarks yesterday. was he sleeping or maybe he was deep in thought crunching the numbers?
5:57 am
>> the other lady behind him as well sleeping. >> i saw that. >> i wonder what he is dreaming about. >> only for half minutes and they caught him at that minute. hopefully, we are not putting you to sleep. we have a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> coming up on this thursday the first lady and second lady are honoring military families. >> courtney robinson in alexandria fairfax county officers now have the gun and responsible for shooting at this barbershop that left one dead behind bars, details coming up in the 6:00 hour. captioned by the national captioning institute
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5:59 am
breaking news, a deadly attack at a local strip mall. now police have a suspect in custody. we will have a live report. >> asleep on the job, new rules to keep passengers saved after another report of an air traffic controller caught sleeping. >> sunny skies are finally heading our way. how long will they stick around? good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.


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